lundi 28 avril 2014


Warhammer Taurus of games workshop normally mounted by a horrible old Chaos Dwarf with a big hat :-( 
So I Recovered an old Marauder chaos dwarf on which I have added plastic wings of an Hight Elf Silver Helm on his head, the spear of the metal chaos knights from the years 95/98

 I still have to change the horns of Taurus and resculpt beard and maybe add a banner in his back? what you think about ?

4 commentaires:

  1. Oldschool = Bannières

    Tu n'as pas le choix, il lui faut une belle selle avec une bannière !
    J'avoue qu ele vieux nains marauders c'est tout de suite plus classe que les gros chapeaux babyloniens. L abarbe c'est pour qui? pour le nain ou le taureau?

    Beau boulot en tout cas.

  2. merci pour mon travail ca fait tjrs plaisir et oui les nains du chaos babyloniens sont vraiment trop moche elles font parti des figurines les plus ridicules jamais vendu par GW sinon la barbe c'est pour le nain le taurus je change juste les cornes mais sinon j'ai bien la fig et ducoups je mettrai une banniere alors surement, j'en ai une sympa en metal quoi que peut etre un peu grosse bref on verra

  3. That oldie big-head dwarf wasn't horrible...
    It was "classic"! ;)

    I still like what you did with the model, I would like to paint such beast one day as well.

    - Demi -

    1. sorry but I like almost all the old fig GW but these dwarves really is not possible.I have been on your blog and I really like your paintings pity you do not live next to me I 'll gladly give some of my fig to paint :-)
      because I really struggle to put me to paint, I do not paint as good as you but I have a respectable level